Agenda 5th March 2024


28th February 2024


To: Councillors Jolly, Kelly, Klimowicz, Lehmann, Pope and Sargisson

You are summoned to attend the following meeting:

Albury Parish Council Meeting

To be held on

Tuesday 5th March 2024

in Albury Village Hall

at 7.15 pm

Members of the public and press are invited to attend this meeting.

Jane Pettitt, Clerk to Albury Parish Council.


  1. To receive and accept apologies for absence
  2. To receive declarations of interest
  3. To confirm the minutes of the Annual Albury Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 6th February 2024
  4. To receive reports on actions agreed at the last council meeting: Set date for Traffic and Speeding group meeting, contact the Environment Agency to clear the River Ash, find out about free trees for an allotment orchard
  5. To receive petitions, comments and questions from the public
  6. To consider planning applications received
  7. To receive bank statements, bank reconciliation and financial summary
  8. To agree payments due
  9. To receive the clerk’s report (for information only)
  10. To discuss a recent planning application to create 2 digestate storage lagoons in nearby villages and how these could affect Albury
  11. To discuss the recently received Wickham Hall Solar farm update
  12. To discuss the Environment Agency’s response to a request to have the River Ash cleared
  13. To discuss the progress of reinstating the Albury Parochial Charities
  14. To discuss the progress of the village hall patio work
  15. To confirm a date for a Traffic and Speeding Steering Group meeting and discuss adding a discussion about Solar Farm applications to the agenda for this
  16. To discuss the village hall sharing mowing costs with the parish council
  17. To discuss strimmer prices and decide whether to purchase on
  18. To discuss getting quotes for culvert clearance at the Albury Road and Upwick Road
  19. To discuss converting part of the allotment gardens into an orchard to save on mowing costs
  20. To discuss local fly tipping and how this might be tackled
  21. To suggest agenda items for the next parish council meeting to be held on 5th March 2024