Meeting Minutes 07.10.2014

Meeting Minutes 07.10.2014


Minutes of a meeting held Tuesday 7th October 2014 at 19.15 hrs at the Village Hall

Present: Cllr P Benton, Cllr A Muller (chairman), Cllr T Walne

In attendance: Mrs J Pettitt (parish clerk) and 8 members of the public (MOP)

The chairman opened the meeting at 19:15
1. To receive and accept apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Cllr Barrett and Cllr Webster
2. To receive declarations of interest
Cllr Muller declared an interest in planning application ref 3/14/1705/FP
3. To confirm the minutes of Albury Parish Council meeting held on 2nd September 2014. Resolved that these Minutes be agreed as a true and accurate record of the proceedings and be duly signed by the Chairman.
Unanimously agreed.
4. To receive reports on actions agreed at the last council meeting
The Chairman forwarded Patmore Heath survey results to HMWT.
The clerk displayed anti dog fouling posters by the school children around the village.
The clerk asked HMWT to clarify the current percentage tree coverage of Patmore Heath and they said they would seek clarification from Natural England.
Other matters to be reported within specific agenda items.
5. Chairman’s announcements (for information only)
6. To receive petitions comments and questions from the public
An MOP asked if Albury would be interested in having its own U15s football team. Cllr Benton suggested the MOP contact the person who runs the current football club and run it by him and then if it seems like a viable idea, let APC know and it will gauge the interest within the village. An MOP asked if he could have a fire at the allotments to burn allotment waste. The councillors said they were having a skip delivered soon, on a date to be confirmed, so could he wait and use that instead.
An MOP said dogs have been fouling within the village hall playground as the gate does not self close. He suggested a self closing device should be fitted. Cllr Muller also suggested a ‘No Dogs Allowed’ sign should be displayed at the entrance to the playground. The clerk agreed to obtain quotes for both items.
7. To consider planning applications listed below and those received between 27th August 2014 and 2nd September 2014
3/14/1634/FP 4 Patmore Cottages, Patmore Heath, Albury.
First floor rear extension.    
No comment
3/14/1636/CL 3 Patmore Cottages, Patmore Heath, Albury.
First floor rear extension.
No Comment
3/14/1675/FP Alma Cottage, Clapgate, Albury.
Oak framed garage/carport
No comment
3/14/1705/FP 1 Albury Hall Cottages, Albury Hall Park, Albury.
Single story side and rear extension.
No comment
8. To receive and discuss updates of HMWT’s management plans for Patmore Heath
There is no further update as HMWT and Natural England are yet to meet.
9. To discuss clearance of allotment plots 1, 2, 6 and 7 and make a decision regarding the clearance quote
The councillors agreed the plots should be cleared and were happy with the quote for £230 from P. Cage. Resolved, proposed by Cllr Muller, seconded by Cllr Benton that the  P. Cage should be employed to carry out the clearance @ of £230. Unanimously agreed.
10. To discuss recent communications from Thames Water and the Environment Agency regarding sewage flooding at Clapgate pumping station
The chairman and the clerk chased Thames Water (TW) and The Environment Agency to resolve the sewage flooding at Clapgate pumping station. TW said they have ordered two new pumps which will be installed as soon as possible.
11. To discuss the A120 Bypass scheme and make a decision as whether or not to write to all Albury residents to inform them of the consultation dates, and agree to employ an independent planning professional as necessary to produce a letter on our behalf, at an estimated cost of £600
The councillors decided that since the A120 public consultation leaflet with the consultation dates has been posted to each household by Herts County Council, there is no point in APC writing to each resident to inform them of the dates. The councillors discussed how important it is for residents to attend a consultation session whatever their opinion is. The councillors discussed the height, appearance and possible noise of the bypass and the importance of people expressing any concerns over these aspects. The councillors discussed the necessity to seek the advice of a planning professional.
Resolved, proposed by Cllr Muller, seconded by Cllr Walne that APC employ a planning expert as necessary at an estimated cost of £600 to inspect the A120 bypass proposal and produce a letter on our behalf. Unanimously agreed.
12. To discuss the progress of the update of the Albury Village website
The councillors have viewed the progress so far and are happy with the results.
13. To receive an update of the DriveSafe campaign
Cllr Benton has been trained in the use of the equipment and is hoping to organise the campaign in the next couple of weeks. Cllr Muller said the road signage improvements around the village are scheduled for early November and a speed survey at Albury End is to take place on 27th November.
14. To discuss ways to improve the playground, obtain funding, carry out local fund raising and increase local support
The councillors discussed the playground and decided that before making any plans they should canvass residents for their views. Cllr Muller said she will ask the school to add a note to their newsletter to see if the children and parents would prefer a zip wire, a climbing frame or outdoor gym equipment. The same question was asked in the last Albury Newsletter. Fund raising and grant applications will be dependent on the responses received from residents.
15. Further to queries from C. Olley (executor to Olga Caton’s estate), to discuss and make a decision as to whether or not the parish council would grant an easement for vehicular access rights from Patmore Heath to the derelict Chapel, or if the parish council is interested in purchasing the Chapel or the field adjacent to it.
No formal request has been received from Mr Olley so this item was not discussed.
16. To discuss parish fund raising events and agree to help organise the next Arts and Crafts Fair, an Open Gardens day and an Easter Egg Hunt
The councillors supported the above ideas. Resolved, proposed by Cllr Muller, seconded by Cllr Benton that APC help organise the next Arts and Crafts Fair, an Albury open garden day and an Easter Egg Hunt. Unanimously agreed. Cllr Muller is to organise a meeting with the current organiser of the Arts and Crafts Fair.
17. To discuss if Albury can support East Herts Council’s ‘Sport England Bid’, aimed at local sport and physical activities for older people
As this requires use of the village hall during off peak times it was decided to pass this over to the village hall committee for their consideration.
18. To discuss Albury Parish Council’s responsibilities with regards to managing the Albury Parochial Charities and associated  bank accounts
The charity commission shows this charity as not in operation as of 9th June 2012. The clerk agreed to contact the listed trustees for further information.
19. To discuss establishing which land around the village is registered to Albury Parish Council.
The councillors discussed who owns the patch of land at the Clapgate crossroads where the bus stop is positioned, since the land has recently been damaged by lorries driving over the edge. The clerk agreed to write to the Von Preussen estate to establish responsibilities but also to seek potential permission to place a Christmas tree on the site each Christmas and perhaps planters for Summer etc.
Further discussions were postponed to a future agenda as Cllr Barrett has been looking into which land APC own by requesting information from Land Registry.
20. To discuss the need for an updated Parish Plan and what producing this would involve.
After looking at a copy of the last parish plan and the effort involved, it was decided
postpone this discussion to a future agenda.
21. To discuss the request for a donation of £600 towards the upkeep of the churchyard
The councillors agreed this would be a worthy donation. Resolved, proposed by Cllr Muller, seconded by Cllr Benton that the donation of £600 should be made. Unanimously agreed.
22. To approve and accept the Albury Parish Council Annual Return for the year ended 31 March 2014
Resolved, proposed by Cllr Muller, seconded by Cllr Benton that the Annual Return for the year ending March 2014 be accepted. Unanimously agreed.
23. To receive bank statements, bank reconciliation and financial summary
These were received by the Council and found to be satisfactory.

Balance at 01/09/14 = £28,302.51

Income: Precept £3450.00
Donation from Albury Antique Fair £198.00
Bank Interest £0.71
Outgoings:  as agreed 2/9/14 £69.86
Balance at 31/08/14 = £31,881.36

24. To agree payments due
External audit fee £42.00
Clerks q2 salary £742.20
Clerks expenses £41.22
Litter picking q2 £112.00
Resolved, proposed by Cllr Muller, seconded by Cllr Walne that the payments should be made. Unanimously agreed.
25. To receive the Clerks report (for information only)
Letter from a Bourne resident regarding allotment borders, circulated prior to the meeting.
All allotment agreements have been signed and returned.
A VAT refund of £1016.99 still due. Forms resent as HMRC hadn’t received them.
HAPTC asked us to include the issue of widening councillor  recruitment to our agenda.
Received telephone confirmation from Thames Water that new pumps are to be installed at Clapgate pumping station.
Received analysis of the Patmore Heath survey from the organisers.
Received information regarding A120 public consultation and posted on Facebook (FB)
Received details of Strutt & Parker development plans for Standon Hill and posted on FB.
Received a request from an allotment tenant to burn waste at the allotment.
26. To suggest agenda items for the next Parish Council meeting date: Tuesday 4th November 2014, 7.15pm at the village hall
Discuss organising an event to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the end of WW1.
Albury Youth football team.
The A120 public consultation.
Cllr Muller forwarded her apologies for the meeting on 4th November 2014.
The chairman closed the meeting at 9:00pm

Signed:                Date:

Abigail Muller (Chairman)