Minutes April 2024

Minutes of the meeting held 2nd April 2024, 7.15 pm at the Village Hall
Present: Councillors Jolly, Kelly, Lehmann, Pope and Sargisson
In attendance: Mrs J Pettitt (clerk), and East Herts Councillor Geoff Williamson
The chair opened the meeting at 7:25 pm
1. To receive and accept apologies for absence.
Apologies were received and accepted from Councillor Klimowicz, Jolly and Lehmann.
2. To receive declarations of interest.
a) To receive declarations of interest from councillors on items on the agenda
b) To receive written requests for dispensations for declarable interests
c) To grant any requests for dispensation as appropriate.
No declarations or requests for dispensation received.
3. To confirm the minutes of the Albury Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 5th March 2024
Resolved, proposed Cllr Sargisson, seconded Cllr Kelly, that these minutes are a true and accurate record of the proceedings. Unanimously agreed.
4. To receive reports on actions agreed at the last council meeting
The clerk put a link to the storage lagoon proposal on Facebook (see point 15.)
Councillor Klimowicz is writing directly to the Secretary of State to object to the Wickham Hall
Solar Farm extension.
Landowners have been contacted regarding clearance of the River Ash (see point 12.)
Councillor Kelly created the agenda for the Traffic & Speeding meeting (see point 17.)
A strimmer was purchased and handed to Ray Murdoch.
The clerk looked into quotes for culvert clearance and discovered riparian land owners must keep
these clear and in some circumstances, HCC should. A blockage has been reported to HCC in the
river at the bottom of Cow Pasture.
5. To receive petitions, comments and questions from the public
6. To consider planning applications received.
7. To receive statements, bank reconciliation and financial summary
These were received by the Council and found to be satisfactory.
Balance at 5/3/2024               £14,343.42
Payments: 11/3 Poultons, patio sand and soil          £194.40
13/3     D Langlois, patio labour      £440.00
13/3     Woollard, patio labour        £440.00
21/3E-scapes, village hall mowing  £100.00
22/3     Topsoil ltd, waste removal at hall   £360.00
22/3     B Woollard, grass seed         £56.26
22/3     J Pettitt for strimmer                £216.00
2/4 Vicary. Litter picking Q4                £130.00
2/4 Pettitt, salary Q4               £1083.55
Available balance at 2/4/2024         £11,323.21
8. To agree payments due
9. To receive the clerk’s report (for information only)
10. To receive an update from HMWT regarding their management plans for Patmore Heath
This will be added to a future agenda as no one from HMWT was able to attend.
11. To discuss the damage to land at Patmore Heath caused by a haulage lorry
Repairs £400 + VAT
Councillor Kelly contacted the haulage company and they’ve agreed to pay for the repairs.
The parish council will a height and weight restriction sign installed.
Action: the clerk will circulate sign ideas and then purchase a suitable one.
12. To receive any update available on the river Ash’s condition where it runs through private land
The stretch between the Albury Road and Upwick had been checked by the land owner and is clear. There are trees in the stretch between Cow Pasture and the village hall. The clerk has contacted the landowner to ask if they can clear these.
Action: the clerk will follow up with the landowner
13. To discuss the budget for the purchase of new village noticeboards
We need a new noticeboard at the village hall and Itch Lane. The clerk will ask the school if a third board can be installed on the outside of their railings.
Resolved, proposed Cllr Sargisson, seconded Cllr Kelly, that the clerk can purchase noticeboards up to a value of £2000. Unanimously agreed.
Action: the clerk will order noticeboards.
14. To discuss the purchase of a sound system for the village hall
The councillors discussed buying a portable PA system to share with the village hall and The Catherine Wheel for fundraising events. Councillor Kelly found a suitable one for £214.
Resolved, proposed Cllr Pope, seconded Cllr Kelly, to buy a PA System and pay half the cost. Unanimously agreed.
Action: the clerk will order a portable PA system
15. To discuss the parish council’s objection to a planning application to create 2 digestate storage lagoons in nearby villages
The councillors agreed to lodge an objection.
Action: The clerk will submit an objection on the grounds of the possible increase in unsuitable traffic on our roads
16. To discuss the progress of reinstating the Albury Parochial Charities
There is approximately £9500 available to spend. We are still waiting for the CCLA bank to pay held dividends into the new account. We also have £4363 to reinvest.
17. To give an update on the Traffic and Speeding Steering Group meeting
Representatives from Furneux Pelham, Stocking Pelham and Little Hadham attended. It was agreed to all complete a road audit and meet again on 28th May. We’ll also speak to the school to see if they will help with a campaign against speeding.
18. To discuss quotes for culvert clearance at the Albury Road and Upwick Road
The clerk has contacted landowners and HCC as riparian owners should keep culverts clear.
19. To further discuss converting part of the allotment gardens into an orchard and allotment issues
Allotment plots 2 and 3 need clearing. The clerk will get a quote from a local company.
The best time to plant an orchard is November so this will be addressed nearer the time.
Plot 4 has tall trees growing. The resident will be contacted about reducing their height.
Resolved, proposed Cllr Sargisson, seconded Cllr Kelly, that the clerk can organise clearance at a cost of up to £250. Unanimously agreed.
Action: the clerk will organise allotment clearance. The clerk will ask the person renting plot 4 to reduce the height of the trees.
20. To discuss local fly tipping and how this might be tackled
Fly tipping is becoming more regular in Albury End. The clerk will order some signs to try to deter people.
Resolved, proposed Cllr Kelly, seconded Cllr Pope, that the clerk can purchase No Fly Tipping signage and CCTV signs up to a value of £120. Unanimously agreed.
Action: the clerk will order signs.
21. To discuss the £5000 grant awarded to the village hall, some of which is to be used to purchase equipment for the play area
This grant will be fund matched but the Parochial Charities, The Albury Santa fund and from 200 Club profits. A table tennis table has been ordered at a cost of £2660. This leaves £7340 to create a pétanque court and buy some play area equipment to suit a variety of ages and abilities.
Action: The clerk will ask for residents’ input on Facebook.
22. To draw the third quarter 200 club number
Number 80 was drawn.
23. To suggest agenda items for the next Parish Council meeting to be held Tuesday 14th May 2024
Parochial Charities update, River Ash condition, traffic steering meeting, allotment orchard, HMWT Patmore Heath update, playground equipment. Pétanque court, Stansted Airport night flight Consultation, digestate lagoon
The chair closed the meeting at 8.35 pm