Neighbourhood Watch Week 7th – 14th June 2020

Welcome to Neighbourhood Watch [NHW] week

Normally we would be holding local public events across the county but, for obvious reasons this year, we are prevented from doing this. This week we plan to share with you the value of NHW in our community and to celebrate with you some of the fantastic fund-raising projects and other supportive initiatives that have been or are happening in each area.

As you know Neighbourhood Watch is one of the most successful crime prevention initiatives ever.  It is based on the simple idea that you and your neighbours can help to reduce crime and create a safer community. More than 160,000 homes in Hertfordshire have already joined us. We encourage neighbours to look out for each other; keep an eye on their homes when they are out; watch out for those who are elderly or vulnerable; and receive and share our alerts and crime prevention advice to help keep you, your homes and property safe.

Hertfordshire boasts the biggest NHW community in the UK with over 35% of households connected to our online communication system, OWL.  You can help us grow the membership even further, by using your social media sites, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram to promote our website where residents can register online, or simply by talking to your neighbours and friends to check if they are aware of the benefits of joining their local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

Further updates will be sent out on Wednesday and Friday celebrating some of the fantastic fundraising projects and other supportive initiatives.

Keep well and safe and many thanks for being a member of our great neighbourhood community.

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address:

Terry Morris
Watch Liaison Officer
Tel: 01707 355815