Meeting minutes 10.01.2017

Meeting minutes 10.01.2017


Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday 10th January 2017, 19.15 hrs at the Village Hall

Present: Cllr Clayden-Smith, Cllr Murdoch, Cllr Walne and Cllr Waples
In attendance: 2 members of the public (MOP).

The vice-chairman opened the meeting at 7.15 pm

1. To receive and accept apologies for absence. Apologies were received from Cllr Benton, Cllr Muller and Mr J Pettitt.
2. To receive declarations of interest. None.
3. To confirm the minutes of the Albury Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 1st November 2016. Resolved that these minutes be agreed as a true and accurate record of the proceedings and be duly signed by the vice-chairman. Unanimously agreed.
4. To receive reports on actions agreed at the last council meeting
The clerk purchased more dog waste bags for distribution around the village.
Other actions will be reported in specific agenda points.
5. To receive petitions, comments and questions from the public
Mike Young from the Hundred Parishes Society joined us. He explained to APC that the society was a charity and aimed to educate the public about their local area. Albury is one of the Hundred Parishes within an area about 450 square miles. Membership of the society is £10 a year and they want more members. APC agreed to discuss this at next meeting.
A MOP brought up the wet ground by the notice board (again). He also said there is no light by the defibrillator and asked who would be liable if someone slipped on the way to the defibrillator. He addressed the precept and asked about our VAT refund and if we were still receiving the litter picking grant and the housing grant.
Cllr Waples has received an email from a MOP asking about the flood alleviation in the A120 Bypass plans.
6. To consider planning applications
3/16/2771/HH and 3/16/2772/LBC Extension of roof at rear to form loggia at The Beeches, Albury Lodge Estate. No comment.
7. To receive bank statements, bank reconciliation and financial summary
These were received by the Council and found to be satisfactory.
Balance at 31/10/16, £34,206.60
Bank interest, £3.15
As agreed 1/11/16: Donation to St Mary’s PCC £1000.00, Xmas buffet    £91.58, Xmas tree decorations £66.98, Xmas tree £280.00, Planning app response letter £150.00, Graham’s Taxis £38.00    
As agreed 12/1/16: Allotment mowing £65.00    
As agreed 3/11/15: Community HB Annual Subs £151.20                          
Balance at 10/1/17, £32,366.99
8. To agree payments due
Clerk’s salary £711.36, Village litter picking £130, Village Hall playground litter picking and bin clearance £130, clerk’s expenses £60.71, Graham’s Taxis £155.  Total £1187.07
Resolved, proposed by Cllr Waples, seconded by Cllr Clayden-Smith, that these payments be made. Unanimously agreed.
9. To receive the clerk’s report (for information only)
Precept forms received. Notification of HAPTC subs for next year (£332.39)
10. To receive an update of the Saturday taxi service
The taxi service has been in operation for 6 weeks. The use to 24/12 has been as follows:
26/11 – 4 passengers, 3/12 – 5 passengers, 10/12 – 3 passengers, 17/12 – 4 passengers, 24/12 – 3 passengers. The cost to APC to this point has been £193. APC is to ask Mrs Webb for feedback.
11. To discuss the budget and precept for 2017/18
The councillors decided to set the precept at £6,900.
Resolved, proposed by Cllr Murdoch, seconded by Cllr Waples, that the precept be set at £6,900. Unanimously agreed.
12. To discuss the purchase of a second village defibrillator and agree the amount of a
financial contribution from APC
APC decided to pledge up to £1000 with the hope of those funds being doubled by County Hall, which should meet the full cost.
Resolved, proposed by Cllr Murdoch, seconded by Cllr Walne, that APC will contribute up to £1000 towards a second village defibrillator. Unanimously agreed.
13. To discuss the A120 bypass
GovResources drafted a letter which the clerk submitted to Rob Egan at HCC on 30/12/16. He acknowledged receipt on the same date.
The A120 bypass discussed briefly and cross referenced with a MOP email about flooding. Cllr Walne is going to call HCC to chase as to a reply to the PC letter.
14. To discuss future DriveSafe campaigns
Postponed to next agenda.
15. To discuss update of the village website
Councillors need updating and annual accounts need adding. It was agreed that councillors wanted to be able to access it themselves and to add/upload material where necessary. Cllr Clayden-Smith suggested a Themeforest WordPress template which was thought to be a good idea for the future.
16. To receive an update of the Christmas Walks held on 30th December 2016
These were very well received and we’ve had lots of positive feedback. The work and effort was acknowledged by all involved. Next time APC is to advertise it a little more and go back to basics with village posters nearer the time. It was suggested the date might have been better nearer Christmas rather than New Year – something to consider.
17. To discuss the progress of the Albury parish walking leaflet
Cllr Murdoch is to proof read it and amend any errors before launch, which is imminent.
18. To discuss the progress of the village hall playground fund raising
Postponed to next agenda.
19. To set a date, time and budget for the Easter Egg Hunt. As Easter Sunday is 16th April, Saturday 15th would be ideal
15th April was agreed. The budget will be set at the next meeting.
20. To suggest agenda items for the Parish Council Meeting to be held Tuesday 7th February 2017 at 7.15pm at the Village Hall
Website, 100 parishes membership, second defibrillator, Taxi service update, Drive safe campaign, Set budget for Easter Egg Hunt, Russell Savory (a local resident and acclaimed wildlife photographer) has offered to present a talk in the village hall.

The vice-chairman closed the meeting at 8:43pm