Meeting minutes 07.02.2017

Meeting minutes 07.02.2017


Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday 7th February 2017, 19.15 hrs at the Village Hall

Present: Cllr Clayden-Smith, Cllr Murdoch and Cllr Walne
In attendance: Mrs J Pettitt (parish clerk) and 3 members of the public (MOP).

The vice-chairman opened the meeting at 7:15pm

1. To receive and accept apologies for absence. Apologies were received from Cllr Waples and Cllr Benton. No word from Cllr Muller.
2. To receive declarations of interest. Cllr Walne declared an interest in the planning application, point 6.
3. To confirm the minutes of the Albury Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 10th January 2017. Resolved that these minutes be agreed as a true and accurate record of the proceedings and be duly signed by the vice-chairman. Unanimously agreed. Cllr Murdoch also re-signed the November 2016 minutes as the previously signed copy was misplaced.
4. To receive reports on actions agreed at the last council meeting. None
5. To receive petitions, comments and questions from the public. None.
6. To consider planning applications
3/16/2771/HH and 3/16/2772/LBC Extension of roof at rear to form loggia at The Beeches, Albury Lodge Estate. Cllr Walne left the room. The remaining councillors agreed they had no comments to make. Cllr Walne returned.
7. To receive bank statements, bank reconciliation and financial summary
These were received by the Council and found to be satisfactory.
Balance at 10/1/17, £32,366.99
Income:     HCC grant £1,000.00
Outgoings: As agreed 7/1/17: £1,187.07 As agreed 26/1/17: £2,616.00                      
Balance at 7/2/17,  £30,217.92
8. To agree payments due. Graham’s Taxis, £129.50
Resolved, proposed by Cllr Clayden-Smith, seconded by Cllr Murdoch, that this payment be made. Unanimously agreed.
9. To agree to amend APC’s Financial Regulations to increase the amount of an emergency payment to £3,000
Due to the extenuating circumstances, the parish councillors agreed via email that the clerk was authorised to increase the value of an emergency payment to £3,000.00 The councillors signed the amended Financial Regulations. (See point 13)
10. To receive the clerk’s report (for information only)
Councillor Graham McAndrew helped us secure a grant of £1,000 from HCC towards the cost of a second village defibrillator. He has also helped us to secure a further grant of £1,000 from HCC towards the cost of replacing the village hall boiler.
Highways are to determine if the Albury road is wide enough to have central white line near to the Barncroft junction after a resident’s enquiry.
11. To confirm the precept for 2017/18 and sign the precept form
The precept was discussed at the 10th January parish council meeting. Resolved, proposed by Cllr Murdoch, seconded by Cllr Clayden-Smith, that the precept be set at £6,900. Unanimously agreed.
12. To receive an update of the Saturday taxi service popularity
The bill to date to APC has been £322.50 of the total cost of £450 for 9 return journeys. The company has collected £127.50 in fares (including a £30 donation from one passenger). The average weekly number of passengers has been 3 to 4.
Graham’s Taxis has quoted £70 for a return trip from Furneux Pelham via Albury.
The clerk agreed to contact Furneux Pelham parish council to find out if they would be interested in sharing the cost, with 4 seats allocated for each village.
13. To discuss the replacement of the boiler at the village hall
The village hall boiler broke down on Saturday 21st January 2017. It needed replacing urgently at a cost of £2,180 + VAT. The parish councillors agreed via email that APC would pay to replace the boiler as the village hall committee had no available funds.
14. To discuss the village hall committee and the parish council’s involvement
The village hall is managed by an 8-strong committee of volunteers. Some of these people would like to step down after many years involvement. The annual costs of up-keep of the hall are rising and hiring it out is becoming increasingly difficult. APC agreed a Village Hall Committee meeting should follow on directly after the next APC meeting on Tuesday 7th March at approximately 8pm. It is hoped is that residents will attend and volunteer to join the committee, which meets just 4 times per year.
The Albury 200 Club was also discussed as it is in need of new members. The cost is £12 per member per year. There are 4 prize draws per year and new prize amounts will be discussed at the next meeting. All profits are used to maintain the village hall. The clerk agreed to advertise for new members on Facebook.
15. To discuss Russell Savory’s offer to present a talk at the village hall
Russell Savory is to present a wildlife talk on Saturday 18th March at the village hall at 7.30pm, free of charge. The hall has been booked at a fee of £50. Tickets are £4.00 in advanced and £5.00 on the night. Under 16s may attend for free if they are accompanied by a paying adult. All profits will be donated to the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust.
16. To agree to join the Hundred Parishes Society at a cost of £10 per year
After last month’s discussion with Mike Young, APC agreed that Albury should become a member. Resolved, proposed by Cllr Murdoch, seconded by Cllr Clayden-Smith, that Albury should become a member of the Hundred Parishes Society at a cost of £10 per year. Unanimously agreed. A cheque for £10.00 was duly signed.
17. To discuss the purchase of a second defibrillator and a suitable location to install it
With the help of HCC Cllr Graham McAndrew, Albury has received a grant of £1,000 from HCC towards the cost of a second defibrillator. APC have pledged a further £1,000. Judi Murdoch is walking 1000 miles to raise money to donate. The landlord at the Catherine Wheel has agreed that the defibrillator can be installed outside the premises. Cllr Murdoch agreed to obtain a quote and delivery timescale from the Community Heart Beat Trust.
18. To reconsider the location for a traditional village sign, and pursuing a planning application and quotes
A piece of land alongside the Albury Road at Clapgate is being reconsidered as a site for the sign. It is owned by EHC and APC must submit a planning application to the Planning Department. This will be discussed further in March.
19. To discuss future DriveSafe campaigns
Postponed to the next agenda. The clerk agreed to ask Highways if Deer warning signs can be erected.
20. To discuss update of the village website and whether to change to WordPress
The Clerk agreed to contact D Muller Designs to organise placing the advert for Russell Savory’s Talk on the website.
Further website discussions are to be scheduled for the next meeting when more councillors should be present.
21. To discuss the progress of the Albury Parish walks leaflet
Groundworks have agreed to pay a grant of £1,000 towards the cost of producing and printing the leaflet. Cllr Murdoch has requested a statement of the costs and is awaiting a final draft.
22. To discuss the progress of the village hall playground fund raising
Postponed to the next agenda.
23. To confirm Saturday 15th April 2017 for the Easter Egg Hunt and set a budget
The Easter Egg Hunt will be held on this date from 11pm – 1pm.
The clerk suggested that 100 chocolate eggs might cost £150 this year. Bags, decorations and gifts could amount to £150.
Resolved, proposed by Cllr Walne, seconded by Cllr Clayden-Smith, that a budget of £300 be set. Unanimously agreed.
24. To suggest agenda items for the Parish Council Meeting to be held Tuesday 7th March 2017 at 7.15pm at the Village Hall
Village Hall Committee meeting to follow the APC meeting.
DriveSafe. Village Website. Community Taxi. Traditional village sign. Walks leaflet. Budget for wildlife talk refreshments. Playground fundraising. Defibrillator. May walks.

The vice-chairman closed the meeting at 8:30 pm