Meeting Minutes 10.02.2014

Meeting Minutes 10.02.2014



Minutes of an extraordinary meeting held Monday 10th February 2014 at 19.00 hrs at the Village Hall


Present – Brigitte Webster, Abigail Muller, Derek Kendle

1 –          no apologies for absence

2 –          no declarations of interest were declared

3 –          it was proposed and seconded that both Nuala Barrett and Perry Benton be co-optioned on to Albury Parish Council

4 –           no planning applications were discussed or refused

5 –           it was agreed that Abigail Muller and Brigitte Webster become  co signatories on the Bank Account along with Derek Kendle as RFO.

6 –           no correspondence had been received

7 –           Clerk position applicants were reviewed and interview dates and times were agreed

8-            It was agreed that Abigail Muller would carry out any Clerk’s administration until a Clerk was appointed