Meeting minutes (annual parish) 03.05.2016

Meeting minutes (annual parish) 03.05.2016

Minutes of a meeting held Tuesday 3rd May 2016 at 20:15 hrs at the Village Hall

Present: Cllr Benton (chairman), Cllr Clayden-Smith, Cllr Muller, Cllr Murdoch,
Cllr Waples,  
In attendance: Mrs J Pettitt (parish clerk)

The chairman opened the meeting at 8.15 pm

1. To receive and accept apologies for absence. Cllr Walne sent apologies.

2. To receive the Albury Annual Report
The chairman read out the following annual update:

The Parish Council would like to thank the following people
•    Pam Blevins and her team who organised the Arts and Crafts Show, which raised £750 to put towards the village defibrillator
•    Maggie Vicary for another year of endeavouring to keeping Albury litter free
•    Pam Blevins for publishing our updates in the Albury Newsletter each month
Parish Council projects 2015-2016
•    Clearance and ongoing maintenance of the allotments (we have vacant plots if anyone is interested)
•    Arrangement of the annual safety inspection of the playground and obtaining quotes for a playground refurbishment
•    Continuing the relationship with HMWT to keep us informed of management plans of Patmore Heath
•    Providing grants to the following local groups: St Mary’s PCC, the Village Hall Committee and Albury 60 Plus
•    Responded to the A120 Little Hadham Bypass Planning Application
•    The second Annual Easter Egg Hunt. This was a huge success and so another is planned for next year
•    December and May village walks, followed by refreshments at the village hall. Both were popular so we hope to keep these up throughout the year.
•    Cllr Murdoch has secured a grant to produce an Albury Village Walks leaflet, which will be produced with the assistance of the Parish Paths Partnership
•    Our Albury signs were beginning to lose their lettering and so have been revamped
•    We have purchased a defibrillator which is soon to be installed at the village hall

3. Question time. None.

The chairman closed the meeting at 8.25 pm